The science of unlocking a child’s inner Einstein

Tracey-Jane Cassidy’s science club franchise has won numerous awards and plaudits, including from Space X astronaut Sian Proctor and business leader Richard Branson

Tracey-Jane Cassidy, founder of the Junior Einsteins Science Club franchise: ‘I realised that my three children were not doing enough science in primary school.’ Picture: Paul Sherwood

Those passionate about nurturing children’s natural curiosity and imagination will want to learn more about the Junior Einsteins Science Club franchise.

An Irish company founded in Dublin by Tracey-Jane Cassidy, a scientist and a single mum, it has attracted the attention of mogul Richard Branson, who awarded the company first prize in the Voom Virgin Media business competition in 2018 enthusing: “This is brilliant. I want my grandchildren doing this.”

Junior Einstein’s Science Club has ...