The challenge for IT leaders begins now

After a major boost thanks to the pandemic, there’s a danger that leadership can revert back to the fear and apprehension that plagued previous IT projects and CIOs must be heard

From left: Niels Torm, CIPP/E, associate director, Data Sustainability & Privacy Solutioning Lead – Global Growth Markets, Cognizant; Steve MacNicholas, chief executive, Ekco Cloud Ireland; Andrew Warren, head of banking and financial services UK & Ireland, Cognizant; James Maudslay, digital industry lead for enterprise transformation, Equinix EMEA; Ashley Hennessy, marketing executive/SEO expert, Kianda Technologies; Rob Haniver, associate partner, technology and commercial, EY Law Ireland; Darren Clarke, head of customer success, OpenSky Data Systems and Greg Casey, sales director at Digital Realty. Pictures: Maura Hickey

A wet and blustery morning was the backdrop for this year’s CIO and IT Leaders Summit, and if anything, it was a good reflection of what businesses which are transforming to become digital are currently facing.

For what was a sunny and transformative two and a half years, both in changes in systems and cultures, much of that progress could be at risk as costs rise and leaders begin to fear taking action.

A full ...