KPMG’s forecast for aviation is optimistic, but tinged with caution

The big question is how long the sector’s recovery will take to be completed, according to KPMG’s head of aviation finance Joe O’Mara

KPMG partners Killian Croke, Joe O’Mara and Kieran O’Brien at the 2019 KPMG aviation finance executive dinner

KPMG is optimistic about the long-term future for aircraft leasing and about Ireland’s place at the centre of the aviation finance world.

“Covid-19 is causing the greatest disruption that aviation has ever seen. However, it has always been a cyclical sector and it will recover. The key question is how long that recovery will take,” said KPMG’s Head of Aviation Finance, Joe O’Mara.

“We have seen airlines suffer huge financial losses as a result of ...