Editor’s picks: Sit down with the best of our big reads

Our editors handpick some of the best writing in this week’s Business Post – including Barry J Whyte on Jordan Peterson’s Irish visit, and Michael Brennan on a contentious tax report

Jordan Peterson: ‘What do you want in a leader in a time of trouble, and in a time of increasing polarisation? It can be, and I’m not saying I’m innocent of this, it can be someone who slaps back.’ Picture: WireImage

Philosopher or pretender? How Jordan Peterson became a culture warrior on a mission

Last weekend, Jordan Peterson performed to a sell-out audience at Dublin’s 3Arena, warning of how the supposed dangers of wokeness and liberalism risk capsizing modern society entirely. But does his messianic message risk shepherding his followers down the road towards the far-right?

Michael Brennan: Warning signs and dead ends on the roadmap for tax reforms

Many of the Commission on Taxation and Welfare’s recommendations were derided by cabinet ministers last week, but privately there is an acceptance that some of the new proposals will have to be implemented, such is the need for more tax revenue in the coming decades.