Crisis at Dublin Airport

Eamon Ryan ‘is without doubt the most incompetent transport minister we’ve ever had’ – Michael O’Leary

Ryanair chief excoriates the minister while calling on him to intervene and change flight restrictions at Dublin Airport or there will have to be wholesale flight cancellations

Michael O’Leary says the Fingal County Council order which will limit the number of flights at Dublin Airport between 11pm and 7am by 40 per cent to 65 flights or fewer per night, as a “sledgehammer measure”. Picture: Arthur Carron Photography

Michael O’Leary has never been a man to mince his words.

Speaking to the Business Post this weekend, the Ryanair group chief executive made it perfectly clear how damaging he believes Fingal County Council’s decision to restrict the number of night-time flights operating from Dublin Airport will be for the aviation industry.

“This issue is very serious, and people need to understand that. Fingal County Council needs to withdraw its enforcement notice. If it stands, ...