Willie O’Reilly: Blast of nostalgia is Marty Whelan’s secret weapon

The broadcaster’s easy mix of music and banter on Lyric FM might seem innocuous, until an unearthed musical gem sneaks up on you to release long-forgotten memories

Marty Whelan: the master of unleashing unexpected nostalgia at any time. Picture: Andres Poveda

Marty Whelan has been presenting his radio show on Lyric FM for just over 12 years. I listen regularly, but often with trepidation. It’s the undertow, you see.

On the surface, the mixture of banter and music seems innocuous, but Marty has an indulgence that he wields regularly, indiscriminately and without warning: nostalgia.

It’s potent stuff, and perhaps it’s his show’s defining attribute. Marty remembers. For a man of my age, similar to his, his ...