Vincent Boland: China’s declining population is a red flag for ruling party on its centenary

The Chinese Communist Party has just introduced a three-children policy for the world’s second biggest economy. But a societal imbalance and the fact the country has more men than women bode ill for the superpower’s future

The consequences of China’s counterproductive one-child-per-family rule, introduced in 1980, are now becoming apparent. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

In the first days of July, the Chinese Communist Party will celebrate the centenary of its founding with displays of patriotism and manifestations of national achievement.

China is the world’s second biggest economy, its most populous nation, and a military, technological, political and cultural superpower second only to the US. The party-state and the Chinese people have much to celebrate.

Yet for all its claims to the historical inevitability of its greatness, and the genius ...