The Last Post: Covid symptoms ‘drink-driving’ comparison is an analogy too far

Professor Philip Nolan of Nphet said ‘leaving your home with symptoms has to become socially unacceptable, like drink-driving’, but comparing people with allergies or head colds to people who drink and then get behind the wheel is over the top

Hat-trick hero Callum Robinson: possibility of vaccine passport conundrum at the Aviva. Picture: Inpho

There is a serious discussion needed as to the circumstances in which those who feel a bit under the weather, and suspect that it could be Covid-19, decide not to go to the workplace. We also need to find ways, for the common good, to persuade the 300,000 or so unvaccinated adults in Ireland to get the jab.

Unfortunately, Professor Philip Nolan of the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) may have blundered badly in ...