Shane Coleman: Micheál Martin is long linked with the top EU job but Áras grass may be greener

Whether it’s the presidency, the EU Commission or going for broke at the next election, the Tánaiste is likely to confound predictions of what he’ll do next

Micahel Martin wouldn’t be the first Tánaiste to run for president, although the most recent example, Brian Lenihan snr in 1990, isn’t the greatest precedent. Picture: Rollingnews

Micheál Martin has two massive decisions to make between now and the next general election. First, whether to contest that election as Fianna Fáil leader (or turn his attention to other career avenues). And second, what answer to give in response to the Sinn Féin coalition question.

What he decides will dictate whether his future lies in Brussels, the Phoenix Park or Merrion Street and have a profound impact on the formation of the ...