Matt Cooper: It’s the wrong time for Sinn Féin to push the EU on support for a united Ireland

The party seems tone deaf to how such a request from a wealthy member state comes across to other nations reeling from the Ukraine conflict

Mary Lou McDonald, the Sinn Féin leader, claimed that reunification ‘is being talked about in every town and city in Ireland’. Really? More than rising prices? Housing issues? Covid numbers? Picture: NurPhoto via Getty Images

Sinn Féin’s timing in pushing EU member states for support – including money – in securing a united Ireland is odd, to put it mildly.

The ambition is a legitimate one that many people, even people who don’t support Sinn Féin, share. It is much better to argue for reunification than to engage in violence to try to bring it about. It’s better again to try and persuade. But clever politicians know when to press ...