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Marion McKeone: It’s all talk of persecution and fight as the GOP lurches ever further to the right

The CPAC, once a yearly nostalgia-filled gathering for bow-tied elderly Republicans, has thrown its weight behind a Trump 2024 comeback and, with guests like Hungary’s far-right leader Viktor Orban, stated emphatically that moderates have no place in the Republican Party

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, was invited to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in a show of far-right solidarity. Picture: Getty

Alex Jones is being persecuted while the mainstream media lies about patriotic Americans like Marjorie Taylor Greene. Liz Cheney is a traitor who is being paid by Democratic billionaires to persecute Donald Trump. And because of Joe Biden, patriotic American families are forced to go without hot dog rolls for their hot dogs and burger buns for their burgers. So far, so CPAC.

Not long ago, the Conservative Political Action Conferences were regarded as pilgrimages ...