Lucinda Creighton: War is in our neighbourhood and bleatings over our neutrality are naive

The Taoiseach was absolutely right to attend the historic Nato/EU summit, as we now live in a world where war is not a theoretical threat but is very real

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Taoiseach Micheál Martin at the Prado Museum in Madrid as they attended an official dinner during a Nato summit in the city last week. Picture: Getty

The Nato/EU Summit that took place in Madrid last week marked a historic moment for the security of the European continent. Its significance could not be more notable, with unprovoked war raging in our neighbourhood, the old taboos of the Finnish and Swedish security playbook torn up, and the transatlantic partnership stronger than it has been for at least two decades.

It seemed obvious and natural that Ireland, a proud EU member state, with no ...