John Walsh: Influx of Ukrainian refugees shows why the government must intervene in the housing crisis

Serving as a safe haven for those fleeing Russia’s tyranny is the right thing to do and can bring economic benefits, but it’s heaping pressure on the government to address key structural deficiencies

Refugees from Donbass in Ukraine at the train station in Lviv last week. Displaced people are still fleeing combat zones to seek shelter in western Ukraine as others travel abroad including to Ireland. Picture: Getty

The ripple effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continue to be felt far and wide, and present both short and long-term challenges for Ireland.

The immediate consequences of the war are becoming more apparent. The cost of living crisis is likely to get worse, at least in the near term. Energy prices are soaring as EU sanctions reduce the flow of Russian oil and gas to member states. The blockage of grain and fertiliser from ...