John Walsh: Another refugee crisis could open the door to Eurosceptic populism

A much more coherent and flexible immigration system is needed as the turmoil in Afghanistan and climate change could mean the displacement of millions of people and see a rise in far right Eurosceptic support here

Afghans arrive in Pakistan through the border crossing point in Chaman last week. It is estimated that up to five million Afghans could attempt to flee the Taliban following the US withdrawal. Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Since the start of this year, the Daily Express and the Daily Telegraph have predicted the imminent demise of the EU with an impressive frequency.

The delayed, albeit now successful, rollout of the Covid vaccination programme is the most widely cited reason for European disintegration of late, but any fissures between EU member states prompt a bout of doom-mongering among British Eurosceptics that is completely untethered from fact or reason.

This is because there was ...