Elaine Byrne: Even Clarkson is seeing the light on climate change catastrophe

The motormouth broadcaster has long enjoyed sneering at the environmentalist lobby, but his new series indicates a change of heart on the subject

Jeremy Clarkson, the English broadcaster turned farmer, is a strange bedfellow for environmentalists but he is changing the hearts and minds of climate sceptics by revealing the everyday banal realities and consequences of extreme weather.

Take a look at Jeremy Clarkson's recent Instagram posts, and you’ll see that one theme unites them all: the weather.

The 61-year-old English broadcaster turned farmer posted a picture of looming rain clouds with the sarcastic caption: “Thanks, God.” In another post, he described the rainy weather forecast with an expletive.

It is no surprise that a farmer is complaining about the weather; it’s an occupational hazard for anyone working the land. However, there is ...