Editorial: DAA can’t keep us waiting for better customer service

The Dublin Airport Authority blames the long queues of the last few weeks on staff shortages, but it has only itself to blame for failing to prepare for the inevitable increase in passengers after the pandemic

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), which operates Dublin airport, has blamed the long queues on high staff absence rates due to Covid-19 and on difficulties in attracting new staff. Picture: RollingNews

In typically understated fashion, Michael O’Leary, the Ryanair chief executive, called on the government last week to bring in members of the Army to help solve the long security queues at Dublin airport.

O’Leary’s pleas were always unlikely to gain much traction, but the Ryanair boss was not wrong in pointing out that urgent action is needed to address operational issues at the country’s busiest airport.

For a second consecutive week, videos and photos shared ...