Anton Savage: Soul-searching for beer giant after Kid Rock fires up anti-trans Bud drinkers

Budweiser’s parent company AB InBev lost $6m after it misjudged its core market of irritable white American men, but is this a market that it actually wants?

‘White trash’ rapper Kid Rock: shot up three cases of Bud Light on video. Picture: Getty

Kid Rock, to paraphrase Logan Roy in Succession, is not serious people. But the self-proclaimed ‘King of White Trash’ who took his rap-meets-rock-meets-country hybrid to the top of the US charts has just cost Budweiser $6 billion using only 36 cans of beer and an AR-15 assault rifle.

AB InBev, the Belgian brewing conglomerate and parent company of Budweiser/Anheuser Busch, lost roughly 5 per cent in market capitalisation after Kid Rock (real name Robert James ...