Theatre and Radio: A curse on all our houses as Celtic Tiger troubles continue

As the housing crisis continues, those running the Irish economy seem destined to make the same mistakes over and over. Even the resourceful Ross O’Carroll-Kelly is unable to get us out of this one

Rory Nolan as Ross O'Carroll-Kelly in a new online theatre presentation of Postcards from the Ledge. Picture: Patrick Redmond

As first-time buyers continue to be locked out of the property market, home ownership is on everybody’s minds. Even Ross O’Carroll-Kelly’s. In Postcards from the Ledge, a new online theatre presentation from Landmark Live, Paul Howard’s uncannily realistic caricature of south Dublin privilege offers an accurate representation of the bubble-burst-bubble cycle that has alternately buoyed and destroyed the Irish economy since the 1990s.

In his opening monologue, ROCK (a bombastic Rory Nolan with his collar ...