The Big Interview

‘We offer customers a crystal ball into what’s happening’ – Barry Conlon, co-founder of supply chain firm Overhaul

Overhaul, the supply chain software company that Barry Conlon co-founded, is bringing more science to a business that was traditionally more often seen as an inexact art

Barry Conlon, co-founder and chief executive, Overhaul: ‘We’re like Spectre in the James Bond films, controlling everything without anyone knowing we’re doing it.’ Picture: Arthur Carron

Barry Conlon is looking far more sprightly than a man who is just off a long-haul flight from Texas has any right to.

Perhaps it is the military training he’s undergone previously that has him in flying form and not looking like a crumpled mess. Or it could be the prospect of supping the lovely-looking pint of Guinness in front of him that has him happy to be home.

Either way, after taking his first ...