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Top techies can still name their price, recruiters say

In spite of the wave of layoffs, there are some roles that are always going to be in high demand, while for others a painful correction is coming. Recruiters give Fiona Alston the inside track

It would appear that despite the apparent doom and gloom in tech, candidates are not afraid to demand high salaries. Picture: Kevin Matos

Nick Kolakowski wrote lately on that tech salaries are still growing in the US, according to the latest Dice Tech Salary report.

“Some 66 per cent of respondents said their annual income rose in 2022, versus 63 per cent in 2021. A mere 6 per cent received less in 2022, versus 8 per cent in 2021, and 27 per cent reported their income remained the same. Organisations everywhere are clearly happy to pay more ...