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The Gadget Guru: HP’s latest Dragonfly delights with its simplicity

A laptop that delivers with the minimum of fuss, a portable speaker that charges other devices, and a scooter that could kick-start the commuter revolution are considered this week

HP Elite Dragonfly 3: a smooth clamshell laptop that is designed to deliver everything an office worker wants with little fuss

HP laptop hits sweet spot between work and play

HP Elite Dragonfly 3, price €1,869, rating ****

Considering this is a work-first laptop, it is remarkably good when it comes to the aspects that don’t revolve around the nine-to-five. HP’s latest flagship model has the feel, the image quality and the sound of a lifestyle-oriented device, but very much the look of one used for doing business.

The 3:2 screen ratio is splendidly old-school and ...