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Tech takes U2 out of this world with Las Vegas concert

U2’s groundbreaking Sphere concert transformed Vegas into a tech wonderland, writes Jess Kelly

Videos play on the Sphere’s wraparound and over screens in 16k x 16k resolution: ‘That, fact fans, is the highest-resolution screen in the world. Not only were the visuals breathtaking, but the sound is fully immersive too’

I spend an awful lot of my life listening to music. From my commute into work in the mornings, to walking around in between meetings, I always have my headphones on.

Not that long ago, I fell into a rabbit hole of watching music videos from the 1990s that have been remastered to 4K. They’re on YouTube and definitely worth your time. Some of them are a little bit cringe, with bad lip-syncing and/or horrific ...