My Tech Life: Martin Fitzgerald, co-founder of Kwayga, on early-morning swims, team huddles and under-10s soccer training

Martin Fitzgerald is co-founder and chief executive of Kwayga, a matching platform for buyers and suppliers in the food and beverage sector

Martin Fitzgerald, chief executive of Kwayga, with Mike McGrath, chief operating officer: ‘Right now, we’re doing a lot of work on customer success so I’m focused on making sure the product is intuitive and that everything is understandable for the end user.’

When I get up varies depending on the day but my alarm typically goes off at 5.30am or 6am. I’m divorced and I have two great kids that spend half their week with me so mornings are a mix. When the kids are over, I get up, I do some work for an hour, then wake them up, get them breakfast and get them ready for school. Once they are off to school I’d have ...