FoodMarble takes bite of US market with new gut health devices

Second series of diagnostic products, which measure methane as well as hydrogen, are popular with healthcare providers and consumers

“We had the Aire1 device and the first generation medical device, MedAire 1, but clinicians told us they’d like us to measure methane as well as hydrogen. To get the complete picture, they wanted to examine both,” Aonghus Shortt, chief executive and co-founder.

FoodMarble, a Dublin healthtech start-up, has achieved a major market breakthrough in the United States with its second series of devices, which help to diagnose gut health issues.

The new devices are Aire 2, a consumer product, and MedAire 2, a product for clinicians. They have been developed to help diagnose gut issues related to the presence of methane.

The original devices made by FoodMarble measured hydrogen, but the addition of methane measurements to its ...