The Big Interview

Fionn Lahart of Luma Vision: ‘We have developed a Google Maps of the human heart for surgeons’

After raising $22m, the Terenure-born co-founder of the Irish-German medtech company says the firm is on course for a big future

Fionn Lahart, co-founder and chief executive, Luma Vision: ‘Surgeons have been using imaging technology for a long time but effectively what they have had has been the equivalent of an ordnance survey map.’ Picture: Fergal Phillips

Fionn Lahart is the first to admit that what his company does is pretty complicated.

Luma Vision, the Irish-German medtech company he co-founded with Christoph Hennersperger six years ago, specialises in cardiac imaging solutions.

To be more precise, it has developed a 4D imaging and navigation platform which uses a sensor combined with digital imaging and deep learning to provide 360-degree imagery of the beating heart and surrounding anatomy during surgery.

Sounds impressive, right? It’s ...