CurrencyFair eases financial concerns with $10m raised in venture debt

Chairman Gautam Jain says that 2022 was a ‘challenging year’ for the fintech firm

Brett Meyers, founded CurrencyFair in 2010: the last set of publicly available accounts for CurrencyFair indicate losses rose to €7.3 million from €3.4 million in 2021 as revenues rose to €10.1 million from €8.7 million. Picture: Feargal Ward

CurrencyFair, the Irish fintech firm, has secured more than $10 million in venture debt in a move that will ease concerns about the company’s financial position.

CurrencyFair, which merged with Australian firm Assembly Payments following a strategic investment from Standard Chartered in April 2021, said the financing would “allow it to sustain organic growth”.

Founded in 2010 by Brett Meyers, CurrencyFair provides a low-cost currency exchange platform that allows businesses and consumers to transfer money ...