Poetry in motion: how the magic of daffodils goes well beyond early spring

Nial Watson of Ringhaddy Daffodils found his ‘profitable hobby’ of daffodil breeding quite by accident – but has become an expert and vocal advocate of the spring harbinger since

Nial Watson of Ringhaddy Daffodils: ‘I never thought I’d see the day that I’d be breeding flowers. I started off breeding cattle.‘

You may think daffodil season is over, but there are some varieties that are only starting to hit their stride now. By adding late-flowering varieties to your garden you can have daffodils in bloom well into May, and even later.

Nial Watson of Ringhaddy Daffodils is a breeder of daffodils based in Co Down. He started after a chance encounter at a dinner. While seated next to Sir Frank Harrison of Ballydorn bulb farm, the ...