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Fonsie Mealy gives chapter and verse on starting that book collection

The bibliophile and auctioneer advises collectors to build knowledge and first-hand experience by attending book auctions and handling the goods in person

Auctioneers George and Fonsie Mealy: the latter advises would-be collectors to ‘remember that the condition of the book is foremost’

“There is something relaxing, comforting, even therapeutic about collecting books. It’s a wonderful interest, but beware, it can become addictive,” said auctioneer Fonsie Mealy, a confirmed bibliophile.

Here he shares both personal and professional insights for this rewarding pursuit, starting with a must-read book on the subject is called “A.B.C. of Book Collecting” by J Carter.

It explains all the technical terms and illustrates many of them. It is also advised to visit book dealers ...