Fine Arts: A cornucopia of Christmas presents at Adam’s

Whether it’s a sleigh, a strangely shaped silver teapot or singular piece of jewellery, Adam’s At Home sale this week has plenty of ideas for Christmas presents

1930s Speedaway sleigh (€300-€500), for sale at Adam’s At Home sale

One of the most highly desirable items Santa may have to deliver this year is a 1930s Speedaway sleigh, due to be sold in Adam’s At Home sale this week, 140 x 55cm (€300-€500).

Coral and diamond earrings (€1,000-€1,500)

Thinking of gifts that come in small parcels, the jewellery section has a pair of delicious coral and diamond earrings (€1,000-€1,500). There are rings in a rainbow of coloured gemstones, but the most unusual is an ...