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Cove Lodge sitting on the shore of the bay amid natural beauty on Ring of Beara

Stone-clad property in pristine condition to the south of Kenmare offers 151 square metres of living space over two levels with panoramic views towards the Iveragh Peninsula and is guiding €825,000

Cove Lodge is in the heart of Kenmare, with its clean, fresh mountain air, low-to-no light pollution, low crime rates and a host of outdoor activities

Visitors to Kenmare and its environs often return at first chance to enjoy the natural beauty that abounds in this jewel of the Kingdom’s crown.

It’s the ultimate great escape, such as it is, nestled in the sheltered embrace of the Caha and the Slieve Miskish Mountain ranges, which roll down to the crisp, clear waters of Kenmare Bay. Its particular location lends itself to its original Irish name, Neidin, meaning ‘little nest’.

It is ...