Fine Arts

Auction results

Pauline Bewick’s Women Laughing sold for €3,000 at De Vere's auction

October 11: Irish Art Sale, De Vere’s: (hammer price): Bahamas Painting with Self II by Tony O Malley, €4,400 (€3,000-€5,000); La Grande Galerie Bruxelles by Hector McDonnell €2,400, (€3,000-€5,000); Pauline Bewick’s Women Laughing €3,000, (€2,500-€4,000).

These Arts and Crafts dining chairs were a gift from Michael Collins to his sister: they sold for €1,900 at Mullen’s auction. Picture: Devi Anna

October 15: Mullen’s Collector’s Cabinet Auction: set of six Arts & Crafts dining chairs (Michael ...