An outstanding Victorian home on Monkstown’s seafront for €2.95m

21 Trafalgar Terrace is a beautifully presented five-bed property with unobstructed views of Seapoint Beach and across Dublin Bay to Howth

21 Trafalgar Terrace is a beautifully presented five-bedroom three-storey over garden level residence of 511 square metres

There are stretches of Irish coastline around the country that are immediately and easily identifiable by the properties that perch upon them.

Take for example the colourful patchwork of buildings along the waterfronts of both Kinsale Village and Cobh in Co Cork, or the historic row of houses at Sorrento Terrace overlooking Killiney Bay in south Dublin.

A little further up the coast, the hat trick of terraces along Monkstown’s waterfront is just as stunning ...