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A year of skittish investors and strong returns for cash buyers

Continued inflation and rising interest rates mean pricing expectations will need to adjust across most real estate sectors next year, writes Conor Whelan of QRE. However, once this is accepted, the market is in a position to function well

Salesforce Tower in Dublin was sold to US private equity firm Blackstone for about €550 million, which added to the overall investment spend of almost €6 billion this year

On the face of it, this is another very strong year for the Irish investment market.

Investment turnover to Q3 2022 in Ireland is in the order or €4.8 billion and is expected to comfortably exceed €6 billion by year-end.

However, it must be noted that these numbers include the sale of Hibernia Reit for €1.1 billion, which was a share purchase deal, and the sale of Salesforce Tower for approximately €550 million.

These numbers ...