A life in bloom: how an off-grid pioneer and flower farmer is brightening up the Burren

Sarah Wall remembers doing her homework in the glasshouse nestled next to the tomato plants, so it’s no surprise the flower grower and ecology educator now helps others stay in touch with nature

Sarah Wall of the Burren Flower Farm: ‘Weddings account for a large percentage of income and last year it suddenly dropped when weddings went.’

Sarah Wall of the Burren Flower Farm has taken a circuitous path to where she is now, growing flowers for sale near the village of Boston in the heart of the Burren in Co Clare. She sums it up briefly as “Forestry, backpacker hostel, forestry, flower farmer”.

Add to that educator, nature advocate and off-grid pioneer and you have a fuller picture of her journey.

Sixteen years ago she bought an 18-acre parcel of mixed ...