Trócaire chief: All displaced people should be enabled to tell their story

Caoimhe de Barra has noted a marked contrast in media coverage of the plight of Ukrainian refugees compared to catastrophes in Congo, Yemen or Syria

Caoimhe de Barra, chief executive, Trócaire: ‘The journalistic standard that has been applied, rightly, to people in Ukraine should be the standard that they will apply, rightly, to people in Somalia, or Yemen, or Syria, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.’ Picture: Barry Cronin

There has been a marked contrast in how the media has covered the plight of Ukrainian refugees compared to other global catastrophes, the head of Trócaire has said.

“The way people who might have been either displaced within Ukraine or displaced across the border were treated by the media, the way they were enabled to tell their story, was very different to the way people who are displaced from somewhere like Eastern Democratic Republic of ...