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The Gadget Guru: A top-tier sport smartwatch with a classic look

A watch that takes you from boardroom to snowboarding, a high-tech turntable delivering warm vinyl sound, and a device that will ‘smart’ up your non-smart appliances all get weighed up this week

The Huawei GT3 Pro smartwatch is a joy to use and the classic look will not be out of place in any business environment

GT3 Pro smartwatch is the business from office to gym to the great outdoors

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro, price €349-€599, rating: *****

Normally when anything is described as laughable it’s a negative, but the Guru needs to make an exception here. Huawei’s watch batteries are, have been, and almost certainly will remain for the time to come, laughably good. They simply last ages, to use a technical term, and the one fitted to the GT3 ...