Test drive: VW Golf eHybrid gets it right with focus on efficiency and refinement

It might not be the most exciting car to drive, or the most spacious, but there’s lots to love about the new plug-in version of the Volkwagen stalwart

Volkswagen Golf eHybrid is priced at €37,865 before options, including the €5,000 SEAI grant

The ‘eHybrid’ badge is one you’ll see on many new Volkswagens in the coming year or two. And it indicates that the car in question is a plug-in hybrid. Here we test the new Volkswagen Golf eHybrid, sold exclusively in Style specification in Ireland and priced at €37,865 before options, including the €5,000 SEAI grant.

Although the eHybrid is a humble-looking car, with little other than its badge and a flap for the charge port ...