Motoring: Innovative Qashqai e-Power takes hybrid one step further

Nissan’s new hybrid is designed to give buyers moving away from diesel power an alternative to a plug-in hybrid or electric option

The electric motor produces up to 190hp and 330Nm of torque, making this the fastest Qashqai on sale by quite some margin. Picture: Guillem Hernandez

Nissan dreamt up the “e-Power” name for its hybrid technology. It was first applied to the Note sold in Japan from 2017, and now it’s coming to Europe in the form of the best-selling Qashqai crossover.

Many car makers devise their own branding for hybrid propulsion in a bid to set their cars apart, but it would appear that Nissan’s solution is a genuinely new one. First up, it should be noted that the Qashqai ...