Motoring: Aston Martin breaks the mould with an all-time great super-SUV

In the DBX707, nothing has been sacrificed in the pursuit of performance, with comfort, stylish looks and all mod cons scoring high too

The Aston Martin DBX707: at home on a motorway, a racetrack or a muddy field, this is by far the best example of Aston Martin’s SUV.

To most people’s minds, the 550hp Aston Martin DBX was already a pretty sporty take on the idea of a luxury SUV. But the engineers were convinced they could do more with the DBX foundations, and set about creating the DBX707.

Admittedly, it isn’t the sexiest name Aston Martin has ever bestowed on a car. But when you discover the 707 suffix refers to the horsepower on tap, it gives you some clue as to ...