Making It Work: Cosmetic venture’s bespoke service key to plans to be ‘destination clinic’

Facial Rejuve, founded by husband and wife team Ross Tracy and Altona Myers, offers a tailored approach to cosmetic treatment and boasts a 90 per cent client retention rate

Altona Myers and Ross Tracy, the husband and wife team, established Facial Rejuve in 2018. Picture: Fergal Phillips

For some of us, the mention of cosmetic surgery conjures up images of Hollywood celebrities with Botoxed faces and puffy lips.

But Facial Rejuve, the Dublin-based clinic founded by wife and husband team Altona Myers and Ross Tracy, is trying to change the conversation around aesthetics treatment, with a more natural approach to plastic surgery. It’s paying dividends too, the duo say.

Since its establishment in 2018, the company has grown faster than even Tracy ...