How a straight-talking solicitor became a surprise hit on TikTok

Richard Grogan was propelled to 107,000 followers on the social media platform by a surge in questions on employment law during the pandemic. He has become something of a folk hero with TikTok’s cohort of young users with his short, factual explanatory videos

Richard Grogan, solicitor, employment law expert and TikTok phenomenon. Picture: Fergal Phillips

Richard Grogan sits at his desk against a backdrop of framed letters and certificates.

“I’m about to scream with some of the messages I’m getting,” he says, wagging two fingers at his phone’s camera in the style of a hectoring but ultimately well-meaning older relative. “There is only one annual leave year in Irish law, and that’s from April 1 to March 31.”

For dramatic effect, he pulls a heavy tome on Irish law – ...