Faster and faster fashion: How online retailer Shein has left its rivals scrambling to catch up

Shein, the Chinese online clothing giant, has grown at such speed that it has left competitors’ heads spinning. How has it done it? Through clever use of TikTok, cosying up with Gen Z and – many warn – throwing environmental concerns to the wind

Cheap and cheerful clothes from Shein: the rapid rise of the Chinese online retalier from obscurity to dominance has perplexed business analysts and rival fashion retailers alike

At the end of March, Jodi Opuda, a 22-year-old TikToker, posted a video showing herself unboxing a delivery of clothes. “I spent $900 on Shein so you don’t have to,” she said, as she tipped the box over and sent plastic packages pouring onto her bedroom floor.

“This is going to take many, many parts,” she added, referring to the number of videos she planned to post showing herself trying on the mountain of clothes ...