Dacia gets a Spring in its step with a Manifesto for the future

The striking Manifesto hints at what’s to come in the next generation of affordable cars from the Renault sub-brand, while its compact electric car, the Spring, is available elsewhere in Europe and there are plans to bring the updated right-hand drive model to Ireland in 2024

Manifesto: Dacia’s concept electric car including a smaller battery pack that is removable, to use at a campsite for example

In the ten years since the arrival of Dacia in Ireland, it has won over a sizeable portion of buyers thanks to its no-nonsense and few-frills approach.

By consistently providing one of the most affordable new cars in its respective segments, the brand has maintained a strong market share that year-to-date has increased to 3.1 per cent.

Such an approach has worked in the case of petrol and diesel cars, but it’s tricky, for now ...