Are we nearly there yet? How the Covid-19 crisis could be reaching its endgame

A growing number of medical experts are increasingly optimistic that the pandemic may be about to peak, with Omicron causing far fewer deaths and showing a reduced virulence. While there is still some caution, their predictions suggest we can get back to normal soon – but what will that look like?

With Omicron causing mass infection but relatively low hospitalisations compared to previous waves, various Irish experts are debating how the country’s response to Covid-19 should change. Picture: Getty

“Something has changed on the frontline,” said Dr Brian Kent, a respiratory physician who has spent the past two years caring for Covid-19 patients in St James’s Hospital in the centre of Dublin.

“It’s not as bad as we were afraid it was going to be when it became obvious we were going to get a huge number of cases with Omicron a few weeks back. Certainly it’s very different to what it was 12 ...