When it comes to our economic future, who can we trust?

While Leo Varadkar asked voters to trust Fine Gael on the economy, the fact is that trust levels in Ireland are close to the bottom among EU countries. Business, however, is coming to the belief that it is necessary to be attuned to the needs of people and society

This trust paradox of economic growth on the one hand and a lack of belief in our institutions on the other, was laid bare at the ballot box

Throughout the Election 2020 campaign, Leo Varadkar asked the public to trust Fine Gael to protect Ireland’s strong economy. It was a reasonable basis on which to make a pitch. Trust in government and the other institutions that underpin our society – business, media and NGOs – should be surfing high on the wave of economic prosperity. Only, it isn’t.

The election outcome was probably the clearest indication yet that trust has decoupled from ...