Varadkar: PRSI will need to rise to keep state pension at 66

The government is working on new PRSI roadmap which will detail how much workers will have to pay to keep the pension age at 66 for the next ten years

Leo Varadkar: the Tánaiste said the government had to be honest with people that there was a cost associated with the decision to retain the state pension age. Picture: Bryan Meade

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said that workers, employers and the self-employed will have to pay PRSI increases of “as little as 0.1 per cent” per year in return for keeping the state pension age at 66.

Last month, the cabinet rejected the recommendation of an independent commission to raise the state pension age gradually to 67 by 2031 and to 68 by 2039.

The government is now working on a new PRSI roadmap, due to ...