Turn and turn again: could a rotating Taoiseach actually work?

With negotiations between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael due to begin this week, the possibility of a so-called rotating Taoiseach has become a live one – but the process would be fraught with pitfalls

Micheál Martin spars with Leo Varadkar during the final TV leaders’ debate of the election. But they may have to play nice from now on

Enda Kenny once made a surprising offer to Micheál Martin to see if they could form a government together. It was four days after the 2016 general election and, then as now, there was little between their parties in terms of seats.

The Fine Gael leader told his Fianna Fáil counterpart that the two could have seven ministers each and suggested they toss a coin to see who would go first as “rotating Taoiseach”. The ...