Sinn Féin urged to retract ‘nonsense’ fuel poverty statistic provided to Dáil

Party finance spokesman Pearse Doherty argued against ban on turf burning using ‘inaccurate’ figure that suggests 2,800 people a year die from fuel poverty

Air quality in Letterkenny, within Doherty’s own constituency, is among the worst in the country. Picture:

Health and environmental justice experts have criticised Sinn Féin for suggesting that 2,800 people die of fuel poverty each year and therefore a ban on turf burning cannot go through, calling the figure “inaccurate” and “nonsense”.

Pearse Doherty, finance spokesman for the party, was also criticised for suggesting that there should be any delay on phasing out solid fuels such as turf due to their links to premature deaths related to low air quality, with ...