RTÉ’s Liveline to be protected by new defamation laws

A review of the Defamation Act by Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has recommended that broadcasters be exempted from liability for a defamatory statement made by a person during a live broadcast

Joe Duffy, presenter of radio programme Liveline: under new laws, RTÉ will no longer be liable for defamatory comments made by callers to the show

RTÉ’s Liveline will be protected from being sued over defamatory statements made by callers, as part of an overhaul of the country's defamation laws.

Liveline, which is hosted by Joe Duffy, is at constant risk of having to make legal settlements due to comments made live on air by callers to the show.

It had to pay a settlement of €250,000 to Monica Leech, the public relations consultant, due to comments made about her by ...