European Union

‘Parliament isn’t riddled with corruption, but self-policing doesn’t work’ – EU Ombudsman

Emily O’Reilly says real action must follow the “shock-horror“ reaction of her colleagues in Brussels to a recent corruption scandal at the heart of the European Union

Emily O’Reilly: ‘There is still no independent ethics body and the proposal for one that is sort of in the melting pot seems to be quite weak’

When the news of a European Parliament corruption investigation involving bags of money discovered in hotel rooms and apartments began to break last week, Emily O’Reilly could hardly believe it.

“It is almost cartoon-like, though very serious for the people involved. But it was something that immediately caught the public imagination. The Belgian police followed the money and literally found the money. It has been reported that there was suitcases of money in apartments and all of that. So it was a very graphic story and easy to understand,” the European Ombudsman told the Business Post in a sit-down interview at her office in Strasbourg.